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#2 Update By Author Stella Calloway, Estelle Calloway aka Stella Smith did not refund customer after promising to do so

AUTHOR: Diane - Victor (Canada)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jitterbug’s Sad Story (Genetically Sick Chihuahua Puppy Bought From a AKC Breeder)

R.I.P my precious angel Jitterbug! This is my veterinarian’s video (April 14) of my genetically sick, deformed puppy. I bought my extra tiny puppy Jitterbug off the internet from Stella Smith at, StellAdoraChi’s in Plymouth, North Carolina for $3,500. I live on the west coast of Canada. This AKC breeder informed me, that she had bred only chihuahua’s for 17+yrs, and that she has more knowledgeable about chihuahua’s then any vet’s. Unfortunually this statement was not true. After receiving my puppy two experienced veterinarian’s diagnosed Jitterbug with: 1) severe hydrocephalus (water on the brain), 2) Atlantoaxia instability (C1-C2) (skull genetically not connected to neck), both congenital abnormalities. The vet informed me that the only humane option for Jitterbug was euthanasia.

Email to me from the breeder, Stella Smith. Sent: April 16, 2009 11:41:50 AM Hi Diane The survical instability as your vet said Chloe(Jitterbug) had is,There is no evidence published to date that the disease can be predicted by radiographic (x-ray) study,……stella ( totally IGNORANT statement by Stella) Here’s a link on Atlantoaxial instability, It IS TO diagnosed by X-RAYS!

Stella Smith (the breeder) had PROMISED me, she would refund my $3,500. in several emails. Email from Stella Smith to my daughter, Date:Wed,15 Apr 2009 12:58:14 -0400 But without a doubt I asked your mom did she want a refund or a new puppy, and she did say refund and she will get it, I PROMISE. But then Stella Smith changed her mind and started sending me mean, unkind email’s. Email from Stella, Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 15:24:55 -0400…(YOU did not return the puppy, you had her put to sleep. THEREFORE YOU ARE ENTITLED TO NOTHING…./ ( I could NOT BY LAW, LEGALLY or HUMANELY ship a sick(dying) puppy across the US/CANADIAN border.) Stella and Frank Smith KNEW THAT! / That was so unkind and unfair of them! Stella’s puppy contract also says, I get a refund if no puppy was available, WHICH THERE WAS NOT! EMAIL from Stella, where she told me she did NOT have a replacement puppy, and again she offered me a refund, but went back on her word.

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 20:53:17 -0400

“And I was not trying to push a puppy on you as I do not have one at this moment that I could push on you……… that is why I offered you the refund rather than just telling you when I get one please let me know which one you want…. /

Stella broke her word (promise) to me to refund my money. I found out the hard way what a compulsive liar and dishonest person Stella was, but to late.

Stella admitted this to me in a EMAIL after Jitterbug died on April 14, “I KNOW Chloe ( Jitterbug) had something wong with her. I honestly did. But I thought it was just her little foot.” /

Then Stella lied on Rip Off and wrote (Looking at the puppy, CHLOE…. someone could have dropped her or stepped on her foot.) WHAT A BIG LIE! ( EMAIL to me from Stella Feb. 4/09) ‘I’m watching Chloe much closer. And I am a bit stumbled as to is it her head making her be so unbalanced or maybe her left foot. She has all 4 toes, but they only look like 3.’ ‘It is just when she ***, but if she does not *** too fast, she does not loose her balance. ‘I may take her back to the vet in a couple of weeks so they can take another look at that foot.’ / (Which Stella NEVER DID!) / Stella told me she was a caring AKC Chihuahua breeder, and I stupidly believed her. But she never did bother to tell her vet, what she was observing about Jitterbug that wasn’t quit normal or right, So that Jitterbug could be THOROUGHLY examined before she sold her. I feel it wasn’t about the suffering Jitterbug was enduring, it was about the money with the Smith’s. But they are totally happy now, they got their money for a very sick puppy, and I got hurt and lost!

But I feel Jitterbug deserves to have her story told to caution other people about internet puppy buying.

I did fight back against Stella’s lying, unkind email’s to me, but she just told me to go to ***!.

Jitterbug’s x-ray’s are on youtube. They show her diagnosed condition / with CONTINUATION of her story if you are still interested. My channel is Rawhide143./ I’ve been asked permission now by someone at a veterinarin school to use Jitterbug’s video’s at the school. Which to me is a honor to Jitterbug.

Review about: Veterinary Services.

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